Senior Manager, First Nations & Métis Relations Job Code: MGT-2014-0013-E

Organization : Hydro One Limited
Location: Canada, Ontario, Tronto
End of contest: February 13, 2014
Type (Full time / Part time):

Support the Director, First Nations and Métis Relations in the implementing of Hydro One's First Nations & Métis Relations policy by effectively developing and managing the implementation of plans and mechanisms required to positively foster and maintain positive relationships with First Nations and Métis in accordance with corporate strategic objectives.

Specific Accountabilities:

Through collateral relationships with respect to the Director, First Nations and Métis Relations, and within context provided by the Director (i.e. corporate strategies and policies, accountabilities, tasks, budget and programs, compliance and performance targets, expectations for continuous improvement, etc.), provide the following:


·         Develop, maintain and promote implementation of Hydro One’s First Nations and Métis Relations Policy

·         Facilitate the process and content of engagement with First Nations and Métis communities.

·         Promote business and workforce development for First Nations and Métis communities and citizens.

·         Support and implement processes to enable Hydro One employees to understand the unique legal, historical and cultural significance of First Nations and Metis peoples for the purpose of promoting effective relationships.

·         Provide strategic advice to the Director as well as other lines of business vis a vis First Nations and Métis Relations

·         Ensure appropriate participation/communication with government and industry

·         Where appropriate, undertake together with the Crown, consultation with First Nations and Métis peoples and communities in the early stages of and throughout major project development.  This includes development and implementation of plans, budgets, managing contracts, reporting etc.

·         Develop formal and informal briefings and reports for internal stakeholders, executive and the Board.

·         Manage consultants and specialists including contract negotiations for their services and dealing with contract administration matters.

·         Prepare macro level business cases for strategies, obtain approvals and provide input for business planning/budgeting.


Managerial Accountabilities:

·         Create and maintain a work environment where employees can be fully engaged.

·         Manage the unit and achieve the approved programs and targeted results through maintaining a team of subordinates who are capable of producing the outputs required:

·         Ensure subordinates are able and willing to produce the desired output, and that subordinate continually improves the processes for achieving the outputs.

·         Assess staff capability to do the required work, now and in the future.

·         Conduct personal effectiveness reviews of subordinates to build relationships and trust, and to improve effectiveness.


Accountability for the outputs of others:

·         Set the appropriate context for subordinates (i.e. corporate strategies and policies, accountabilities, tasks, budget. and Programs, compliance and performance targets, expectations for continuous improvement, etc.).

·         Set an effective framework of policies and procedures for the work of the unit.

·         Know and ensure own and subordinates’ compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, and all corporate policies and procedures, and generally accepted practices relating to the work of the unit.

·         Establish a two-way working relationship with subordinates to solicit their views on conditions and potential changes effecting their work, and continuous improvement opportunities.


Selection Criteria:


·         Requires good communication skills to effectively communicate to all levels of management, with senior government officials and provincial authorities, government agencies, and First Nations & Metis leaders.


·         Extensive experience in the preparation of material for publication, documentation, testimony at public meetings, debates, or other program activities.


·         Requires experience with the role of consultation and guidance to project management on specialized areas, and controlling specific programs.


·         Requires experience presenting to management and staff of other departments to discuss matters pertaining to First Nations & Metis relations in the consideration of development programs of other departments.


·         This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training in the area of indigenous studies, social sciences, public or business administration, public policy.


·         Requires experience in coordination and leadership or projects and experience in a supervisory capacity.


·         The ability and desire to travel to First Nation and Metis Communities.


·         A period of up to 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.


·         Candidates with lesser experience may be considered at an appropriate level.




Demonstrated Management Skills:


·         Analytical thinking – ability to understand a situation by segmenting and tracing implications step by step.


·         Client –Service Orientation – desire to help or serve others, to meet their needs.


·         Impact and Influence – able to persuade, convince, influence or impress others.


·         Information seeking – ability to acquire information relevant to the achievement of valued goals.


·         Listening, Understanding and Responding – ability to accurately listen, understand and respond appropriately when interacting with individuals and groups.


·         Strategic business thinking - ability to apply their technical knowledge and experience to making management decisions for achieving business objectives.


·         Teamwork – able to work with others as part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.



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