Maintenance Mechanic

Organization : Sabre Industries, Inc.
Location: United States, Texas, Alvarado
End of contest: March 10, 2014
Type (Full time / Part time):
  • Performs preventative maintenance and repairs on all plant equipment and facilities.
  • Performs diagnosis, testing, disassembly, inspecting, repair and re-assembly of plant equipment or components such as hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic shear, vacuum equipment, roller leveler, cranes, electrical boards and components, etc.
  • Performs skilled trouble shooting and servicing of pneumatic and hydraulic components.
  • Performs proper replacement and/or adjustment of mechanical clutches, drive trains, etc.
  • Repair of worn parts, straightens and fabricates fixtures (welding, cutting, brazing, and surface hardening applications).
  • Assist junior personnel and operators in proper direction of equipment repairs.
  • Ability to perform major and general repairs on all equipment.
  • Required to record labor and material used on each repair made in CMMS.
  • Required to take proper care and use of test equipment.
  • Required to properly use lift equipment (cranes, booms, man lifts, cherry picker, etc.)
  • Exercise communication skills pertaining to the job.
  • Occasionally will be called during irregular hours to handle production coverage with little or no supervision.
  • Reports all abnormal conditions and safety hazards to supervisor.
  • Will perform housekeeping and other routine tasks as directed.
  • Is diligent at all times to work safely, and to follow safe working practices, including Lockout/Tagout procedures and other safety procedures.Lifting, carrying, bending, kneeling, stretching, stooping, and working in awkward and/or confined positions
  • Must have basic computer knowledge
  • Must be able to read, understand, and interpret electrical schematics
  • At least three years of electrical and mechanical experience in a heavy industrial manufacturing environment.
  • Must have proven hands on experience of working on overhead cranes above 10 ton, wire welders and hydraulic presses.
  • PLC experience would be a plus.
  • Must have knowledge of basic shop mathematics, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication and decimals.
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate in English.
  • Ability to read and comprehend basic hydraulic, pneumatic, and structural schematics.
  • Ability to convert inch to metric.
  • Ability to use gauging equipment from .001' up, dial indicators, micrometers, feeler gauges, etc.
  • Climbing (heights to 40'), lifting, bending, kneeling, crawling, stretching, and working in confined areas and awkward positions.
  • Handling gearboxes on top of machines, changing brakes, motors on cranes, etc.
  • Average weight of object handled is 30 lbs. normally standing or stooping.
  • Percentage of workday in each position is climbing 5%, bending or kneeling 10%, stooping 10%, standing or walking 75%.

Sabre Industries, Inc.
8653 E. Highway 67
Texas United States