November 18, 2017

Lineman B - A

United States, Texas, Longview
End of contest:
May 1, 2014
  This job posting has expired
 *This position is posted as a range: Lineman B - A.

Perform all types of work involved with the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities. The following list sets forth the principal duties required for the job. All items apply to overhead and underground, as applicable. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below. Perform duties in accordance with the Company's safety rules, regulations and practices and report unsafe conditions and practices. During the first twelve months in this classification assist with work on energized lines and equipment. During this time frame, the employee should progress from direct supervision to immediate supervision as skill level dictates. Also, shall be capable of replacing fuses and operate switching and sectionalizing devices energized at any voltage when working under general supervision. After twelve months in this classification, while performing work on energized lines and equipment, should progress from immediate supervision to general supervision as skill level dictates. Assemble, install, maintain, remove and inspect conductors, fixtures and other associated equipment on overhead and underground facilities. Install and operate cutouts, line switches, reclosers and other sectionalizing devices; re-fuse line and transformer devices; test de-energized line or equipment, and place or remove grounds. Operate mechanized equipment required to install, remove or maintain overhead and underground transmission and distribution facilities. Become skilled in the use of live line tools, insulating personal protective equipment, insulating blankets, line hose and other protective equipment. Connect, phase out, parallel and adjust voltage on single and three-phase transformer installations. Use test equipment such as voltmeters, ammeters, maximeters, recording meters, and phase rotation tester. Install and maintain multiple street light circuits. Locate and correct faults and hazardous conditions on lines and/or equipment. Know and follow proper procedures for performing the switching of transmission and distribution facilities in accordance with established switching and tagging procedures. Install, maintain and switch residential and commercial underground distribution facilities. Locate and correct trouble using cable-locating and fault finding tools and equipment. Apply insulating protective equipment when working on energized lines. Install three-phase transformer banks on poles, aerial or ground-mounted platforms. Install three-phase regulator banks and energize or remove them from service. Install, maintain, operate and remove capacitor banks from service. Patrol and inspect lines as assigned. Maintain tools, equipment and work area in a clean and orderly condition. Maintain records and submit reports as required. Direct the work of employees assigned to assist. Attend and participate in training as assigned and assist in the training of other employees. Perform similar or less skilled work. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions. Assist employees of equal or higher classification. Prepare, conduct and facilitate safety meeting


 Residency Requirement: Successful candidate must live within a 30 minute distance under normal driving conditions to the Longview Operations Center and possess and maintain a valid Class A CDL license.

1. Minimum of two years satisfactory work experience as a Lineman C or the equivalent. 2. Shall have performed the duties of and have all the qualifications of Lineman C or the equivalent and shall qualify through demonstration, examination and/or performance appraisal as determined by the Company. 3. Must demonstrate the ability and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the duties and/or responsibilities of the key job (Lineman A) in this family. 4. Must acquire within such time frame as determined by the Company, the qualifications necessary to perform the duties of the next higher classification in the line of progression, or vacate the current job classification. 5. Must be familiar with transformer connections and other generally used circuit connections and the fundamentals of electricity, and have the ability to interpret field prints and switching diagrams. 6. Must be familiar with line circuits and their voltages and procedures and practices for switching operations. 7. Must possess and maintain a valid state driver's license. Must meet all vehicle operation requirements as designated by federal and/or state law. 8. Must have a good working knowledge of the tools, materials and equipment used. 9. Must have a good working knowledge of the Company's transmission and distribution standards. 10. Must possess the ability to deal with employees, customers and the general public in a courteous and proper manner. 11. Must demonstrate familiarity with Company safety rules and practices and be proficient in the application of resuscitation and first aid. 12. Successful completion of the Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) selection test is required for this position. A review of Employment Testing Information, Test-Taking Tips, and the CAST Practice Test may be helpful. A link to these materials may be found at Careers by selecting Employment testing. A physical abilities assessment is also required for this position.





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Ohio United States

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