Capacity Planning Technologist

Organization : FortisBC
Location: Canada, British Columbia, Surrey
End of contest: May 1, 2014
Type (Full time / Part time):
 Note: This position is an intermediate-level Capacity Planning technologist, and as a result requires some support and guidance.

Prepares capital plans for distribution assets, including but not limited to transmission pressure laterals, stations (TP/IP, TP/DP, IP/DP), intermediate pressure lines, and distribution piping, by:
Obtaining long-term demand forecasts;
Allocating gas load growth to areas;
Tracking actual against forecast demand growth and identifying any variance;
Identifying system capacity shortfalls;
Developing long-term capital improvement alternatives;
Performing hydraulic analyses;
Performing cost-of-service analyses;
Identifying the long-term least cost of service options;
Documenting long-term capital improvement recommendations, and;
Developing and documenting detailed 5-year capital plans and budgets.
Responds to routine and emergency operational requests/inquires in an efficient and professional manner by:
Performing hydraulic analyses to confirm distribution pipe sizing for Main Construction Orders and Service Header Orders;
Performing hydraulic analyses to determine system improvement requirements (size, location, cost, timing) for Load Information Memos, and document findings, and;
Identifying customers affected by system damage, and sizing emergency bypass
Identifying shutdown window, sizing bypass and reviewing system hydraulics for planned Operations and Maintenance procedures.
Creates, updates, and verifies distribution models using steady state analyses and reviews models with Operations personnel by:
Creating or updating distribution hydraulic models;
Verifying accuracy of hydraulic models against actual system data by means of winter load analysis and pressure survey.
Reviewing past winter capacity shortages.
Provides professional services to internal clients by:
Performing hydraulic analyses to determine the sizing of customer piping and the feasibility of proposed operational procedures, and;
Identifying emergency sectionalization areas.
Participates in annual preview of winter operations by:
Performing hydraulic analyses to confirm operability of current distribution assets, and level of service, to interruptible customers for the peak demand period, and;
Preparing and presenting distribution system capacity status and operational plans to Operations personnel.
Assists manager and engineers in supporting internal clients by:
Developing long-term alternatives for Transmission Pipeline laterals based on client requirements;
Establishing level of service to interruptible customers;
Performing hydraulic analyses and summarizing results, and;
Performing cost-of-service analyses to identify the long-term least cost of service option.
Provides input to the preparation of engineering specifications for the hydraulic design of distribution assets, and by updating and reviewing standards.
Maintains liaison with various personnel inside and outside the company to ensure appropriate and timely acquisition of necessary data, and to ensure appropriate levels of services to the department’s clients.
Maintains the data and records associated with the job functions.
Assist other Technologists in preparing plans and conducting analyses for Distribution assets.
Performs additional duties related to the above duties, including driving a vehicle, which do not affect the rating of the job.


Completion of Applied Sciences Technologist and Technicians of British Columbia (‘ASTTBC’) recognised post-secondary technologist diploma program in gas and petroleum, civil or mechanical engineering, or related technology with a curriculum including coursework in basic fluid flow in piping systems; or equivalent.
Certified at the technologist level by the Applied Sciences Technologist and Technicians of British Columbia.
Minimum of two (2) years directly related work experience in System Capacity Planning.
Full understanding of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics properties and behaviours of natural gas and other related organic hydrocarbon products.
Understanding the Distribution operations of TP laterals, IP lines, DP systems, and stations.
Understanding of midstream gas supply, transportation service functions and rules of TP laterals as well as of commercial terms and conditions of large industrial and transportation service contracts.
Full literacy of computer hydraulic simulation of distribution assets and its components inclusive of pipeline systems, distribution systems, compressor stations, and control devices in steady state.
Demonstrated strong computer skills in applications in use in the department, and demonstrated skills with general office software applications. Programming/scripting skill is desired.
Demonstrated analytical skills, attention to detail, decision-making skills.
Demonstrates ability to produce plans and analyses with minimal coaching.
Valid British Columbia Driver’s license.


Electricity Suite 100, 1975 Springfield Road
British Columbia Canada