November 18, 2017

Download the Secret to Greater Customer Engagement

July 8, 2013

Electric energy providers must engage their customers in order to maintain – and grow – market share and achieve their business objectives. To engage customers, energy providers must go beyond traditional brand building and deliver consistently superior customer experiences. Engaged customers buy more services, stay with a company longer and are more profitable than average customers. They are also more likely to adopt new behaviors that favor a company’s desired business outcomes.

Relevant, personalized communication plays a critical role in customer engagement. Energy providers have a natural advantage because they already communicate with their customers regularly through the monthly electric bill. Customers not only expect to receive bills, they also tend to examine them closely. Most energy providers, however, are not using the monthly bill to its full potential. Many have not yet taken advantage of bills as a powerful way to communicate with customers. By enhancing the content of the monthly bill and executing similar messages and themes across all customer communication channels, energy providers can begin to pursue an integrated customer engagement strategy that can drive new revenue, customer satisfaction, and smart technology adoption.

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