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WeatherBug Launches SmartHome ScoreCard Program to Help San Diego Utility Customers Save Energy

October 10, 2013

WeatherBug, the brand millions of people turn to every day for the latest neighborhood-level forecasts, weather conditions and alerts, is launching the WeatherBug SmartHome ScoreCard – a data-driven way for homeowners to understand how the weather impacts their home and electric bill. Using a combination of “big data” from the world’s largest local real-time weather network, customer smart meter data via the White House-initiated Green Button Connect My Data program, and a deep set of analytics and algorithms, the SmartHome program delivers specific insight into home electricity use -- so residents can save energy and reduce their bills.

The WeatherBug SmartHome ScoreCard has been developed to work with customer energy use data downloaded from San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) Green Button.The new program is rolling out for the first time this month to San Diego-area residential utility customers.

SmartHome uses a scientific approach that determines how each home heats or cools based on varying weather conditions. Since weather drives about 50% of home energy bills – with the sun often being the number-one factor – SmartHome examines and rates the impact of solar load, wind velocity, and temperature on each residence using live, neighborhood-level weather from WeatherBug. While other programs offer only very general tips for saving energy – because they lack local, real-time comprehensive weather data -- SmartHome provides deeper insights to help homeowners visualize their energy use and explain why their house “behaves” the way it does.

SmartHome requires no hardware or software to install and uses data from existing smart meters. After enrolling in the program, consumers receive an easy-to-interpret WeatherBug SmartHome ScoreCard every month. Using the ScoreCard, homeowners know how their house responds to the weather and how this response compares to similar homes nearby, and what steps they should take to save energy. Homeowners also receive customized, suggested improvements to lower energy use, plus a usage forecast for the next month.

Check out what our ScoreCard can tell you about your house.

Getting Started: Homeowners must first sign up by logging into the utility’s website and looking for the Green Button Connect link. The WeatherBug SmartHome ScoreCard costs $4.99 a year, or consumers can opt for a free, ad-supported version.

The program, designed in conjunction with WeatherBug parent company Earth Networks and researchers at the University of Maryland, is designed to be a win-win for both utilities and consumers. Utilities interested in the program should contact jbosse@earthnetworks.com

About Green Button

The Green Button Initiative is the common-sense idea to enable electricity customers to securely download their own energy usage information from their utility or electricity supplier. Learn more at: www.greenbuttondata.org

About Earth Networks - WeatherBug

For 20 years, we have been Taking the Pulse of the Planet® by gathering and analyzing atmospheric observations using the world’s largest weather monitoring and lightning detection networks so our customers can Know Before™. Real-time weather and lightning data – gathered every few seconds from thousands of sensors across the planet – keep consumers, businesses, and governments around the globe informed with neighborhood-level weather intelligence, updated with the most current forecasts, and alerted to approaching severe weather with the fastest alerts. The company’s popular WeatherBug® mobile, desktop and online apps, and website provide local weather, superior forecasts and advanced severe weather alerts to millions of consumers. Earth Networks’ enterprise solutions support utilities, schools, professional sports teams, emergency response crews, government entities and others in safeguarding lives, preparing for weather events, and optimizing business operations. Learn more at www.earthnetworks.com.

Disclaimer: SDG&E does not endorse or warrant the accuracy or reliability of this product, or the information provided by using this app and is not liable in connection with the use of such product or any information derived or generated using such product.

For more information :

Earth Networks

Link http://www.electricenergyonline.com/detail_news.php?ID=454969
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