Utilities and the Incident Command System (ICS): A Progress Report

Utilities across the US are increasingly adopting the Incident Command System (ICS). To identify trends, best practices, and challenges of ICS in the utilities industry, Macrosoft conducted a survey of 85 participants, representing large and small utilities, drawn from all regions of the U.S.

The survey results present a mixed picture. While much progress has been made, significant obstacles remain. For example, 95% of participating companies value the importance of ICS for effective emergency response, but do not have the budget to implement it. 50% of companies train on ICS annually, about 10% train quarterly. 56% companies have no software application supporting their ICS process.

The survey report covers the following critical aspects of ICS:

  1. Adoption
  2. Training
  3. Execution, and
  4. Tools & Technology

The adoption and implementation of ICS, as with any comprehensive system intended to manage highly complex phenomena, will inevitably encounter obstacles. But those shortcomings – the lack of uniformity, standardization, and automation in ICS adoption, training, execution, and tools – also suggest some concrete steps the industry could take to overcome them.

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Resources on Demand (RoD) a network-based, multi-user tool that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports lodging/logistics during a large-scale restoration event.

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