Objectives, Results, and Challenges of Integrated Volt-VAR Control

Today, utilities maintain installed apparatus and controls and create operational plans in order to deliver energy at a planned power factor and within a required voltage range. While most utilities have been very successful at turning these operational plans into day-to-day reality, there are efficiencies that can be gained by setting more specific operational targets. Some utilities have been exercising technology to take a comprehensive view of capacitors and voltage regulators to better optimize voltage and VARs in synergy.

This webinar will provide an overview of a project focused on centralizing volt/VAR control; with the objectives of managing demand and energy through voltage reduction, managing distribution system VARs to minimize technical losses, and insuring that power quality requirements are met.

The speakers will address and introduce the concepts and business drivers, define the types of technology needed in pursuit of the business drivers, and substantiate those concepts with operational results and observations from a utilities IVVC technology deployment.

Please join us on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 for a discussion on the ‘Objectives, Results, and Challenges of Integrated Volt-VAR Control’.

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