November 19, 2017

New Street Light Fixtures Standards are a Good Step Forward, But Could Have Saved More

February 3, 2014

New national standards for metal halide light fixtures announced by the Department of Energy (DOE) take another important step toward curbing energy waste and will save businesses and towns money on their utility bills. The new standards also mark progress toward meeting President Obama's ambitious goal of saving 3 billion metric tons of CO2 from new appliance standards, as laid out in the Climate Action Plan. But stronger standards could have saved even more.

First the good news. Metal halide light fixtures are most commonly used for street and other outdoor lighting, and in high-ceilinged commercial buildings like big-box stores, warehouses and gyms. According to DOE, products meeting the new standards sold over thirty years will save light fixture buyers more than $1.1 billion dollars and reduce electricity use by 46 to 58 billion kWh. That's enough power to meet the total needs of 4 to 5 million typical US households for one year...

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