November 19, 2017

IESO Launches New Website with Expanded Data, Charts and Information

February 10, 2014

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has launched an enhanced, interactive website, allowing Ontarians to learn more about how their power system and electricity markets work, and discover data on real-time electricity supply, demand and price. See the new website at

In addition to providing reliable real-time data, the site provides information about how the province's electricity system works, how organizations participate in Ontario's electricity markets and programs, and how to get involved in consultations on market and IESO improvements.

"Over the years, the IESO website has come to serve as a gateway to the province's power system - connecting organizations that directly participate in the market, as well as engaging consumers and other stakeholders," said Bruce Campbell, IESO President and CEO. "The IESO is committed to transparency in system and market operations. The new website is another step forward to enhancing Ontario's energy reporting."

Key enhancements to the site include:

  • Improved navigation and content: find what you want quickly through streamlined information that is concise, relevant and timely
  • Interactive data: new charting capability allows users to compare various supply, demand and price data points over multiple days, as well as save and print it
  • Snapshot of the market: More data is featured on the homepage for users to easily get an update on how demand, supply and price is today and what is forecasted
  • Accessible for all Ontarians: The site meets current accessibility requirements

"The availability of market data will become increasingly important as Ontario's electricity system continues to evolve," said Terry Young, Vice President, Corporate and Employee Relations. "The IESO website is an important tool for us to communicate with the public and our stakeholders. We're always looking to improve the site and welcome any feedback."

The IESO is a not-for-profit organization responsible for managing Ontario's bulk electricity system and operating the wholesale electricity market.