November 18, 2017

EHT International Announces Significant Order from a Leading US Electric Utility

February 19, 2014

EHT International Inc. ("EHT") is pleased to announce that it has received a significant order from a leading US electric utility for its industry leading disconnect switch monitoring and control solution, iMCC.

EHT's Vice President Sales and Marketing, William Morse said, "iMCC's diagnostic, predictive and real-time monitoring, failure or preventive maintenance alarms, as well as evaluation of the general state of the disconnect switch, control optimization, data acquisition and scheduled batch data transfer offer unmatched capabilities that provide a compelling value added solution to our customers. In this case, iMCCs are being integrated directly into a new substation."

EHT's President and CEO, Patrick Lalongé said, 'This order validates our end user marketing and sales strategy in which customers can evaluate our compelling asset management and economic value proposition. We are proud to have the support of this strategic customer and expect repeat orders as well as new orders from the numerous US and international customers which are evaluating our products.'

The order for over 25 iMCCs has since been delivered and installed and the iMCCs are now in service.

About EHT

EHT designs and develops novel control and monitoring solutions for large electrical networks and to date has specialized in monitoring and controls for disconnect switches. EHT is building on its core products, the iMCC/iCOD, to achieve a global asset management strategy for smart substations and to allow end customers to control their switchgear fleet, optimize their operations and make decisions based on practical and structured data.

EHT's headquarters are in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.