American Wire Group Announces Patent on TowerGuard CCA® 2000V UL RHH/RHW-2 Cable

American Wire Group proudly announces a patent on TowerGuard CCA® 2000V UL RHH/RHW-2 cable. This product was originally designed for the Renewable Energy industry to provide the ultimate low-cost, lightweight, theft-deterrent and extremely flexible cable to be used in place of copper RHH/RHW-2 which weighs and costs 35% more, and is at higher risk for loss by theft. This cable is the ideal product choice when tight bends in small spaces are required.

In wind projects, TowerGuard CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) 2kV RHH/RHW power cable replaces copper RHH/RHW-2 from the bottom of the tower to the transformer. In addition, it can also be used from the generator to the transformer. It has been tested to withstand the required torsion tests. For solar projects, it is used from the invertor to the transformer. TowerGuard cable has potential for more and varied usages, such as for portable power used with generators, in the motion picture industry, and in the stage and lighting industry.

TowerGuard CCA is exclusively available through American Wire Group. For more information, visit our website, www.buyawg.com or call 954-455-3050.

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