Pennsylvania Gas & Electric Taking Action to Help Consumers Dealing with Higher Electricity Costs This Winter
PAG&E has already provided $2.4 million in rebates to Pennsylvania Customers

March 10, 2014

Pennsylvania Gas & Electric ('PAG&E'), a U.S. Gas & Electric company and supplier of natural gas and electricity to commercial and residential consumers in the State of Pennsylvania, announced that the organization is providing its customers with an array of options to address increases in their electricity rates as a result of the recent dramatic spike in wholesale energy prices, including the opportunity to switch to plans that will provide more price stability and rebates on a case-by-case basis for customers facing particular financial hardship. 

The Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) recently confirmed that due to this winter's 'sustained cold weather . . . new records were set for electricity use in Pennsylvania,' which in turn produced record-high prices in wholesale energy markets.

Douglas Marcille, Director, CEO and President of U.S. Gas & Electric, has announced that: 'We recognize the importance of our role as a provider of an essential commodity and are doing what we can to help our customers. The wholesale price increases are not within our control and have adversely affected us, as well as our customers. No one in our industry, or anyone else, anticipated the chain of events that led to them. Nevertheless, we are doing everything that we can to help energy consumers during this unprecedented chain of events.'

PAG&E is working with customers to identify specific steps that can be taken and is focused on helping those customers who are most affected, moving them to the top of the list to make sure that they receive the immediate assistance that they need.

Thus far, PAG&E has provided customers with approximately $2.4 million in rebates to alleviate the financial impact of the increased price of energy this winter. The company is also helping customers who are interested in moving to a fixed rate plan.

The company has quadrupled its customer service staff, going from 10 to 40 representatives to manage calls and emails with customers. Also, PAG&E is committed to continuing its support of the PUC's efforts to educate consumers regarding variable electric rates and to find ways to shorten the time it currently takes for consumers to switch service between providers.

'We're going to continue working with regulators and lawmakers to make sure that we take every step possible to minimize the impact of any 'perfect storm' that might occur in the future,' Marcille said.

PAG&E is urging customers with questions to visit the company's website at www.pagande.com. Customers with concerns are urged to send the company an e-mail to customerservice@pagande.com for the most prompt response. Finally, the company is a founding member of ACCES, a consumer education not-for-profit entity, and encourages consumers to visit their website for more information www.competitiveenergy.org.


U.S. Gas & Electric, its subsidiaries and family of companies ('USG&E'), including Pennsylvania Gas & Electric, is a leading retail energy supplier to commercial and residential customers in Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. USG&E provides energy to customers with wide ranges of energy usage patterns and requirements and gives them the benefit of being a part of a large wholesale buying pool. The company relies on their market knowledge, internal efficiencies, and core capabilities to provide customers with the best possible pricing plans for the energy they provide. To date, USG&E has saved customers over $38 million on their natural gas and electricity supply. For more information please visit www.USGandE.com.

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