Mitsubishi Electric's Power Distribution Systems Center Produces One Millionth Medium-voltage Circuit Breaker
Facility celebrates 35 years of contributing to the safety and stability of electricity

March 26, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that the company's Power Distribution Systems Center (PDSC) has produced its milestone one millionth medium-voltage circuit breaker in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan in March.

Medium-voltage circuit breakers protect electric facilities and power distribution networks in buildings, factories and other industrial facilities by cutting off irregular current in the case of accidents such as lightning strikes to power networks.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to contribute to the safety and stability of power systems by developing and commercializing electricity technology for advanced industrialization and environmental protection, including the reduced use of hazardous substances based on RoHS standards.

The PDSC facility was established as the Marugame Factory in 1979 to produce medium-voltage circuit breakers, such as vacuum breakers and gas circuit breakers. Over the years, it has produced circuit breakers featuring high reliability, compactness and minimized maintenance. The PDSC's cumulative shipments of circuit breakers units exceeded one million units in March 2014, the year marking the facility's 35th anniversary. The one millionth unit was a VF-8/13 model 7.2kV vacuum circuit breaker, Mitsubishi Electric's main circuit-breaker model. VF-8/13 shipments average more than 20,000 units per year and account for more than a 60% Japanese market share among models rated for voltages of 3.6/7.2kV and breaking currents of 8-12.5kA. The one million units have included 965,000 vacuum circuit breakers, 22,000 air- or magnet-circuit breakers and 13,000 gas circuit breakers.

Milestones in PDSC's Production of Medium-voltage Circuit Breakers

  • 1979 Marugame factory established and begins producing circuit breakers
  • 1982 7.2kV VF-A series vacuum circuit breaker shipments begin
  • 1991 12kV-80kA high-function gas circuit breaker shipments begin
  • 1999 7.2kV high-speed vacuum circuit breaker shipments begin
  • 2000 Cumulative production reaches 500,000 units
  • 2004 7.2kV-type VF-D series vacuum circuit breaker shipments begin
  • 2013 72/84kV dead-tank vacuum circuit breaker shipments begin

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