Alliant Energy upgrading electric grid in Reinbeck area
System upgrades to continue reliable electric service in Iowa

April 28, 2014

The electric grid in and around Reinbeck will be getting a major upgrade over the next two years from Alliant Energ

Through 2015, Alliant Energy’s Iowa electric utility will invest more than $4.2 million in new poles, wires, and substations. Residents in the area will benefit from this investment through more reliable power.

This Power Iowa project will keep crews busy as they replace at least 433 poles, and install 52.3 miles of new power line.

Crews will also build a new substation in Reinbeck. Substations take electricity from the cross-country transmission lines and allow it to be sent safely through towns and neighborhoods. The new unit will allow Alliant Energy to remove three other smaller, older substations in Reinbeck, Dike, and Morrison.

“Our crews will be busy in the area, and we ask drivers and pedestrians to watch out and stay safe,” said Fred Leytham, manager of customer operations. “Part of this project will convert the voltage of the system to a new level that offers more reliability.”

Some customers in the area will experience a small outage as crews disconnect them from the old circuit to the new equipment. Any customers affected by this work will be personally notified.

Alliant Energy’s 2014 Power Iowa Plan includes approximately $130 million of planned investments this year in upgrading overhead and underground electric lines, electric substations and natural gas infrastructure. Power Iowa’s goal is to improve system reliability, reduce outages, and provide more reliable power to Alliant Energy’s Iowa customers.

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