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Nuclear Regulatory Commission to discuss performance assessment for Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

May 28, 2014

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff will hold a public meeting in San Luis Obispo, Calif., on May 22, to discuss the agency’s performance assessment for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The plant, located near San Luis Obispo, is operated by Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

The meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites, in San Luis Obispo. In addition to the performance assessment, the NRC staff will be available to answer questions on Diablo Canyon related topics.

"The meeting will provide us an opportunity to discuss our annual assessment of the plant with the company, local officials and the public. We look forward to answering any questions they may have about our inspection activities," said Region IV Administrator Marc Dapas.

The NRC uses color-coded inspection findings and performance indicators to assess nuclear plant performance. The colors start with green and then increase to white, yellow, or red, commensurate with the safety significance of the issues involved. Performance indicators are statistical measurements of plant and equipment performance. The NRC's action matrix reflects overall plant performance and agency response. There are five columns in the matrix with Column 1 requiring a baseline level of inspections.

Diablo Canyon is in Column 1 and will receive the normal level of oversight for the rest of 2014. Inspections are performed by two NRC Resident Inspectors assigned to the plant, inspection specialists from the Region IV office in Arlington, Texas, and specialists from the agency's headquarters in Rockville, Md.

A letter sent from the NRC Region IV Office to plant officials addresses the performance of the plant during 2013.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, District of Columbia
United States, 20555

Link http://www.electricenergyonline.com/detail_news.php?ID=480245
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