Georgia Public Service Commissioner's Electric Car Gets First Charge at University of Georgia Auxiliary Services

May 7, 2014

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols and his wife leased an all-electric Nissan Leaf automobile last fall, despite having very few places to charge the vehicle in Athens.  Commissioner Echols, at the request of the University of Georgia, was the first “customer” at the University of Georgia Auxiliary Services new Level 2 electric vehicle charging station in the North Parking Deck on the University campus. Echols also made remarks at a small ceremony and demonstration held in the North Campus Parking Deck.

Commissioner Tim Echols (right) charges his all-electric vehicle as University of Georgia Parking Director Don Walter looks on

“Having a charging infrastructure in Athens and throughout the state is important if we really want people to buy and drive these cars,” said Echols. “When people drive their electric car onto campus to do research or attend a sporting event, they need the confidence to know they can get back home.”

Echols said that while he enjoys the electric car, he promotes other alternative fuels as well. “I created the Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow to help educate fleet managers, city officials and the general public about the value of alternative fuels like E85, CNG, biofuels and electric vehicles,” said Echols. “They don’t work for everyone, but every drop of oil we don’t have to buy from foreign dictators make us more secure.”

Echols has three degrees from the University of Georgia. He is the author of the book "Real Citizenship," a primer on grassroots political activism. He grew up in Clayton County and attended public schools there before attending the University of Georgia. His term on the Commission expires in 2016 and Echols said he intends to seek re-election. The Commission web site is www.psc.state.ga.us.

For more information:

Georgia Public Service Commission

244 Washington St SW
Atlanta, Georgia
United States, 30334-9007
Tel: 404-656-4501

Tim Echols
Tel: 706-340-0773

Allison Harper
Tel: 706-542-7138
E-mail: www.psc.state.ga.us

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