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High Voltage, Inc. Announces its Newest Product, the Ω-CHECK™ Concentric Neutral Resistance Tester
Helps Maintain Your System Reliability, Stability, and Safety

HVI, known worldwide for its high voltage equipment used for testing many types of electrical apparatus and cable, offers the Ω-CHECK™ Tester, vital to finding and solving neutral corrosion problems.

The Ω-CHECK™ Tester injects an AC current through a live cable neutral and measures the voltage drop to calculate the resistance of the neutral to determine the level of deterioration: how many strands have opened due to corrosion. Solve voltage fluctuation problems, maintain return and fault current paths, check ground shield before cable testing or injecting… and more.

For more information about the design and use of this product please visit our website or contact us by telephone or email: (518) 329-3275 or

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High Voltage, Inc.
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