November 19, 2017

Fuji Electric Charging Station for Electric Vehicles Installed at Edison ParkFast in NYC
First Publicly Available Fast Charging Station on the ChargePoint Network in Midtown Manhattan

June 3, 2014

Fuji Electric Corp. of America has announced a new project featuring their 25kW DC Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles at the Edison ParkFast's famous Hippodrome location, conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan. The publicly available station provides a complete charge to electric vehicles in under an hour, making it ideal for the busy driver in the heart of the city's bustling Times Square neighborhood. As the first quick charger in New York City on the ChargePoint® network, the project marks an important milestone for Midtown Manhattan and EV owners who have voiced the need for locally available charging infrastructure. ChargePoint is the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation with over 17,000 charging ports.

'With our corporate headquarters in NJ, we are honored to see our DC Quick Charger installed in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and are pleased to partner with Edison ParkFast on this project,' said Phil Charatz, President and CEO of Fuji Electric Corp. of America. 'Electric vehicle owners will benefit from the convenient location and the charger's presence on the ChargePoint® Network, and we hope to see more DC Quick Chargers in New York City and the surrounding areas in the coming months.'

'Our successful partnership with Fuji Electric has helped make us the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation," said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. 'DC fast charging stations combined with level two public and home charging give drivers confidence that they can plug in wherever they go.'

Green Power Technology, Fuji Electric's distributor in the Northeast and a top provider of DC Fast Charging Stations in the eastern U.S., was responsible for the sale, installation and ongoing maintenance of the charger, with the Edison ParkFast installation one of 13 total stations installed under the Nissan Advantage program. The program was designed to spur adoption of electric vehicles by developing charging infrastructure in areas such as Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York City.

As a family-owned company, Edison ParkFast has been providing parking services in New York City, Northern New Jersey, and Baltimore for over 50 years. Their services include 'Text-Ahead', which allows customers to text the location ahead of time in order to have their cars waiting for them, and special parking areas for bikes, scooters and motorcycles.

'We've built a reputation on providing value-added services to our customers, and the installation of an EV Charging Station was a natural next step for us,' said Stacy Stuart, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Human Resources at Edison Properties, the parent company of Edison ParkFast. 'This allows New Yorkers to make an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to getting around. They know they can pull into an Edison ParkFast garage and charge up their electric vehicle in a quick, convenient setting.'

About Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric Corp. of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., and has been responsible for sales and distribution of the company's products since 1970. Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. began developing power electronics equipment in 1923, and is a global leader in industrial products ranging from semiconductors, HMIs, power supply, and power generation equipment to AC drives and electric vehicle charging stations.

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About Green Power Technology, LLC

Green Power Technology, LLC (GPT) is a small business enterprise founded in 2008, has been selling and installing EVSE's for government and private sector, both under direct purchases as well as Grant proposals. In addition to these programs GPT has accounted for more 1800+ sales and installations of EV networked charging stations, more than any organization in the country. GPT in addition to sales, installation and service, provides consulting services assisting various fortune 100 and 500 companies with EVSE selection, deployment, infrastructure design and compressive training for administrative personnel.

About Edison Properties

Edison Properties is the family-owned parent company of Edison ParkFast'40 gorgeous garages and parking lots throughout New York City, as well as Northeastern New Jersey and Baltimore. Other properties include Manhattan Mini Storage, New York's self-storage leader and one of the city's favorite brands, thanks to their famous subway ads and billboards. Edison also owns and operates WorkSpace Offices, Executive Offices and Pre-Built Suites, the Hippodrome office building and the Ludlow, a luxury residential high-rise on the Lower East Side.

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About ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with more than 17,000 charging locations. Ranked #1 by leading independent research firm, Navigant Research, ChargePoint makes advanced hardware and best-in-class cloud based software. ChargePoint's open network is utilized by many leading EV hardware makers and encourages all EV charging manufacturers to join.

ChargePoint's real-time network information including the availability of charging locations throughout the nation is available through the ChargePoint mobile app, online and via the navigation systems in top-selling EVs including the new BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF. Every 10 seconds, a driver connects to a ChargePoint station and by initiating over 4.5 million charging sessions, ChargePoint drivers have saved over 3.9 million gallons of gasoline and driven 93 million gas free miles.

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