Manitoba Hydro Launches Power Smart LED Roadway Lighting Conversion Program

June 11, 2014

To help meet Manitoba Hydro's more aggressive Power Smart energy saving targets, new energy efficient street lights will be installed along Manitoba roadways, announced Stan Struthers, Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro.

Struthers was speaking at a kick-off ceremony where Manitoba Hydro launched its Power Smart LED Roadway Lighting Conversion Program, showcasing the new lighting technology on Queens Avenue East in Brandon. Under this new program, Manitoba Hydro will convert 130,000 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights province wide to new energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights over the next seven years. Working in cooperation with Manitoba municipalities and local governments, this new Power Smart initiative targets electricity savings of five megawatts (MW) and 35 gigawatt hours (GW.h) of energy - equivalent to the energy consumed by 2,200 average homes in Manitoba in one year.

"Two weeks ago I was pleased to unveil Manitoba Hydro's three-year plan to double its investment in Power Smart," said Struthers. "We are committed to keeping electricity rates amongst the lowest in North America, while at the same time investing in new technologies - such as LED streetlights - to help reduce energy consumption. With Power Smart, consumers will save $157 million through reduced energy consumption in 2017. It's a win-win."

The new LED lights have several benefits over HPS lamps including a much longer life expectancy, significantly lower energy use, better performance in cold weather, and improved quality of light for drivers and pedestrians. The longevity and decreased energy consumption of LED lighting will result in utility bill savings and reduced replacement costs.

"This new roadway lighting program demonstrates Manitoba Hydro's commitment to being a leader in energy efficiency. By embarking on a project to replace older streetlights with more efficient technology, we are helping municipalities reduce both their energy and maintenance expenses," said Scott Thomson, President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro.

"Brandon prides itself on being a progressive city that seeks out opportunities to lead by example, which is why we are so excited to host the launch of the new Roadway Lighting Program" said Shari Decter Hirst Mayor of Brandon. "The City of Brandon also has a strong history of partnering with Manitoba Hydro on Power Smart, as demonstrated through recent projects including Brandon University's Healthy Living Centre and the new YMCA of Brandon." Each of these facilities is currently under review for Silver certification through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and were constructed using Power Smart Design Standards.

"Municipalities are energy conscious and want to reduce costs for their citizens wherever possible," said Doug Dobrowolski, President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM). "Last year, AMM members passed a resolution to lobby Manitoba Hydro to provide LED lighting options to municipalities. We are very pleased that Manitoba Hydro shares our goal of energy efficiency and sustainability, and look forward to reaping the benefits that this new technology will offer."

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