One of Europe's Largest Rollouts of LED Lighting Hits Phase 1 Deadline

July 15, 2014

 In one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe, Future Energy Solutions (FES) has announced the successful installation of the 50,000th LED luminaire for National Car Parks (NCP) since work began in January 2014 on phase one of a contract to install energy efficient lighting in over 150 multi-storey car parks through the UK.

The fact that this has been achieved ahead of schedule is testament to Future Energy Solutions's proven delivery and technical capabilities.

National Car Parks (NCP) is a true British success story and will be familiar to all motorists. However, with over 150,000 spaces across more than 500 car parks in towns, cities, airports and railway stations, NCP had to address the rising costs associated with its lighting infrastructure. NCP's CEO, Jo Cooper, commented, 'We set out to reduce energy lighting bills, lower maintenance costs and offer improved lumen output to provide an enhanced customer experience. Future Energy Solutions convinced us that LED lighting technology would achieve all three objectives.'

NCP has not had to provide any upfront capital expenditure to finance the project, as it is being funded by Future Energy Solutions in partnership with the UK Green Investment Bank. A six-year contract will allow Future Energy Solutions to be remunerated through the cost reduction in energy bills that NCP are benefiting from. This will be achieved by calculating the difference between the energy consumption of the previous lighting system and the reduced energy consumption offered by the new efficient lighting solution. The financial difference is then split between Future Energy Solutions and NCP as a profit share agreement and, in addition, NCP's energy prices are hedged over the life of the contract, reducing its exposure to upward price trends.

The project is being implemented in a number of distinct phases - Phase 1 began in January 2014 and 50,000 LED luminaires have been installed since then.

 Marcus Brodin, commercial director at Future Energy Solutions, stated, 'We are immensely proud of this achievement, which will generate energy savings of over 67 per cent in the car parks that are being re-lamped. The effect on the environment will also be significant, as NCP's CO2 emissions will be reduced by 11,000 tonnes per annum and mono-nitrogen oxide (NOx) will be lowered by 248lbs over the same period. This is the equivalent of 10,924 trees being saved or filling up 321,695 fuel tanks every year.'

All of the products installed are performance guaranteed and maintained for the life of the contract at no cost to NCP, therefore taking away the hassle of maintenance and reducing the company's operational cost. Phase 2 and beyond will see the installation of a further 35,000 LED luminaires across a number of environments such as surface sites, station car parks, local authority sites and other multi-storey car parks.

NCP's Jo Cooper concluded, 'I am absolutely delighted with the progress made on this project so far and we are already experiencing the benefits of LED technology. Not only will we save GBP25,191,720 over the lifetime of the new luminaires, just as importantly, the Future Energy Solutions solution offers a significant and measurable means of reducing our carbon footprint - something which supports our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. I'm looking forward to getting Phase 2 underway.'

About Future Energy Solutions

Future Energy Solutions (FES) is an innovative global green technology company that designs and installs energy efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market. Future Energy Solutions specialises in targeting customers who are currently operating inefficient high intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescent lighting systems, in which lighting forms an essential part of the business's operations and cost base and provides customers with an average saving of 65% of their energy consumption.

The Future Energy Solutions UK headquarters is based in Portman Square, London. All product designs are engineered in the Hollywood Research and Design Centre in Florida, USA.

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