November 19, 2017

Toledo Edison Crews Assisting with McCord Road Underpass Project
ODOT Spending $18 Million to Eliminate Rail Crossing

August 4, 2014

Toledo Edison crews have completed work relocating poles, transformers and other electrical equipment as part of the $18 million Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) McCord Road Underpass Project now underway in Toledo.

The project is designed to reroute McCord Road underneath a train crossing between Angola Road and Route 2/Airport Highway, increasing safety for motorists and pedestrians in the area near Springfield High School.

Although the underpass won't be completed until 2017, Toledo Edison needed to relocate its equipment prior to any other construction work being done so electrical service can be maintained for residents who live in the area.

"This underpass project will have a positive impact on the safety of residents, motorists and students who travel through this area," said Linda Moss, regional president of Toledo Edison. "We have worked very closely with ODOT on this project to ensure our part of the work gets done in a safe and efficient manner, with minimal service disruption to our customers."

Toledo Edison crews removed 23 poles and reinstalled 11 poles in positions that will help clear the way for the new underpass. More than a mile of wire, both overhead and underground, also has been installed, as needed. Additionally, transformers and switches have been removed and relocated in preparation for construction on the project.

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