SaskPower continues meter investigation

Aug 6, 2014

SaskPower continues to suspend meter installations across the province and has stepped up investigation efforts after a seventh meter failure.

The incident occurred on July 26 in Saskatoon. There were no injuries or property damage. All damage was contained to the meter and the area immediately around it.

'The issue is being taken extremely seriously,' said Robert Watson, SaskPower President and CEO. 'The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority as we continue our investigation.'

The cause of the meter failures has not yet been determined following a preliminary investigation. SaskPower is now working with third parties to conduct a more comprehensive investigation. Results are not expected to be available until late August.

'We're working with independent parties and the meter manufacturer to identify the issue as quickly as possible,' said Watson.

To date, SaskPower has installed approximately 105,000 smart meters. There is no set timeline to resume meter installations.

'We are taking every step possible to ensure the highest level of safety,' said Watson. 'Like other electronic equipment, a small percentage of all digital and mechanical meters fail, so replacing our fleet of smart meters at this point is not warranted.'

Customers with questions or concerns may call SaskPower directly at 1-855-877-0975 or 1-888-757-6937. If desired, SaskPower will inspect meters at no cost.

Customers will be updated when more information from the investigations becomes available.

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