New Brunswick Government Completes All Energy Blueprint Action Items

Aug 7, 2014

The provincial government released its final progress report for The New Brunswick Energy Blueprint, marking the completion of all action items of the three-year plan released in 2011.

The New Brunswick Energy Blueprint is the provincial government's 10-year vision and plan for the energy sector. The blueprint included 20 key action items aimed at taking full advantage of emerging energy opportunities while addressing challenges for the province.

"Our government is proud to announce the completion of the final eight Energy Blueprint action items," said Energy and Mines Minister Craig Leonard. "When we began to carry out the three-year action plan in 2011, we knew that it would not be an easy journey. Today (August 7), I am proud to say that we persevered through the complexities and challenges that arose during the execution of the 20 action items. The results of our efforts have dramatically reshaped New Brunswick's energy landscape and will continue to guide an energy future based on low and stable energy prices, energy security, reliability of the electrical system, environmental responsibility and effective regulation."

The final completed included:

  • renewable portfolio standard;
  • future development of our renewable energy resources;
  • wood-based biomass resources;
  • energy and climate change;
  • electricity efficiency plan;
  • energy efficiency building code standards;
  • petroleum products pricing; and
  • energy literacy, education and skills development.

Other completed action items highlighted in previous progress reports include efforts to harness the province's vast renewable energy potential, the establishment of strong regional energy partnerships and a drive to energy innovation through such initiatives as NB Power's Smart Grid partnership with Siemens. The provincial government has also intervened to address issues relating to the long-term sustainability of the natural gas distribution system as well as adopted the Electricity Act and restructured the Energy and Utilities Board, among other priorities.

"Although all action items are now complete, our government remains committed to the ongoing work required as part of The New Brunswick Energy Blueprint's overall vision and mission,' said Leonard. 'With the remarkable progress accomplished in recent years, it is now more than ever important to keep up the momentum and continue to update and improve energy policies to ensure that our province remains a leader in energy innovation. By continuing to follow the foundation of the Energy Blueprint, New Brunswick can ensure its energy future remains promising and bright.'



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