mPrest Completes Project With Israel Electric Corporation
Industrial IoT software helps Israel's largest electric utility boost productivity, simplify processes, and streamline information sharing and command of systems

January 31, 2017

mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and analytics software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), critical infrastructure security and defense sectors, announced the completion of their Information Grid project - a platform enabling the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to optimize and further secure the management and control of all its disparate systems, process, assets, facilities and infrastructure.

Using mPrest's command, control and analytics product, tens of thousands of IEC's sensors across 600 sites and mobile assets are now connected through a single platform, which aggregates, analyzes and outputs data while enabling real-time end-to-end processes and integration of IT and Operational Technology(OT) platforms. Adoption of the mPrest platform provided all IEC departments a holistic and aggregated, real-time picture of their operations. The project is a model for the services mPrest provides to other power utilities worldwide. mPrest's current customers are spread around the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

"On a day-to-day basis, we are managing hundreds of systems at once and need to know in real-time if there is any deviation from normal operations so we can respond immediately," said Yosi Shneck, SVP information and communication and CIO of IEC. "mPrest's software gives us the kind of oversight and precision control we need to run our systems efficiently and securely. With their platform, we were able to take our control room down from dozens of monitors watching a variety of systems to just three monitors displaying all the information we need and unify command of those systems into a single point of control."

The partnership initially focused on integrating IEC's security infrastructure but expanded at IEC's request to connecting, monitoring and controlling dozens of other applications including operational and logistical infrastructure, safety systems, vehicles, diesel generators and more. mPrest's platform boosted operating efficiency of these systems and empowered IEC to continue building out their connected infrastructure. The systems integrated by the mPrest platform can be expanded and upgraded by IEC teams themselves. mPrest provides all the tools, such as the mPrest Rules Engine, in-house operators need to add or change business logics, providing IEC teams the flexibility to adapt to operational changes.

"Our implementation at IEC provided us with a great opportunity to use the full scope of our platform in a utility setting," said Natan Barak, CEO of mPrest. "As a national and highly-threatened power supplier, it was critical for the company to connect all of the different security components involved in their everyday processes. We were able to provide them with powerful security oversight as well as improved efficiency and simplified command capabilities, enhancing their ability to provide their customers with uninterrupted power. After succeeding in physical security and then expanding to additional disciplines, the mPrest platform is now becoming IEC's OT platform of choice, streamlining operations for the whole organization."

About mPrest

mPrest is a global provider of mission-critical monitoring and control software for the utilities, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), security and defense sectors. With its expansive technology platform and a proven track record, mPrest delivers unrivalled flexibility to optimize asset performance and productivity, deliver operational and energy efficiency, and help large organizations reduce costs significantly.

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