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CTC Global and De Angeli Prodotti Announce ACCC Conductor Manufacturing Partnership

February 16, 2017

Today (2/15), CTC Global and De Angeli Prodotti Italy announced their partnership to produce and sell ACCC® electrical conductor for several important electrical transmission markets in Europe and elsewhere. De Angeli Prodotti, a well known innovator in conductor manufacturing, has production facilities in Italy and France and is a market leader in Europe for overhead conductors. CTC Global will be providing De Angeli Prodotti with CTC Global's patented carbon fiber ACCC composite core in a range of sizes to accommodate growing demand for ACCC conductors in Europe.

CTC Global's Chief Executive Officer J.D. Sitton stated: "We are very pleased to be working with De Angeli Prodotti to better serve our European customers and continue to grow the market for our high performance ACCC conductors." Luca Mora, CEO of De Angeli Prodotti added: "De Angeli Prodotti is an innovative manufacturer of overhead conductors and other specialty wires for the power industry. We are very happy to add ACCC conductors to our extensive product line and look forward to offering its numerous attributes to our growing customer base."

The addition of De Angeli Prodotti to CTC Global's growing list of international manufacturing partners will provide easier access for more customers to the high-performance, highly-efficient ACCC conductor, which has already been deployed to more than 450 project sites in over 40 countries to help improve the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the electric power grid.

About CTC Global:

CTC Global is the privately held developer, marketer and manufacturer of the patented carbon fiber composite core used in ACCC conductor the high performance, high voltage power line solution. CTC Global serves utility and industrial companies around the world and has provided core used in over 450 projects totaling over 42,000 kilometers of power line conductors. CTC Global is located in Irvine, California. Visit www.ctcglobal.com

About De Angeli Prodotti Italy:

De Angeli Prodotti is an independent manufacturer of a wide range of conductors for power transmission and distribution, transformers and motors, with factories in Italy and France, which supplies customized and high quality products worldwide. Operations generate a turnover of 130 million Euros, which has been growing substantially year after year due to industry leading expertise, collaboration with key customers, and outstanding product quality. Visit http://www.deangeliprodotti.com/en

For more information:

CTC Global

Anna Huacuja
Tel: +1-949-428-8500
E-mail: ahuacuja@ctcglobal.com

Francesco Zemignan
De Angeli Prodotti Srl
Tel: +39 329 2307600
E-mail: zemignan@deangeliprodotti.com

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