Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation
OPUC Customers to Receive Free Energy Audits

February 16, 2017

On February 15th, 2017, energyX Solutions Inc. ("energyX") is pleased to announce it has executed a licensing agreement with Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation ("OPUC") to provide My EnergyXpert, autonomous energy scans, for all OPUC customers.

OPUC has nearly 60,000 residential and commercial customers throughout the City of Oshawa; east of Toronto. OPUC expects to rollout My EnergyXpert to customers by May, and will present customers with free online energy audits and energy savings plans that will drive action towards achieving energy savings. OPUC is leading the way in rolling out free energy audits to its entire customer base.

"Oshawa Power & Utilities is a North American market leader in taking customers to action on conservation," commented Nishaant Sangaavi, CEO of energyX. "We are excited to be working with a leadership team that is committed to empowering its residents to achieve energy efficiency".

"With free, innovative energyX audits, our customers will be able to take control of their energy efficiency without relying on costly third parties, or lengthy appointments," stated Janet Taylor, Conservation Demand Manager at OPUC. She added "We are so proud to bring this kind of innovation to Oshawa first."

About energyX Solutions Inc.

energyX Solutions Inc. ("energyX"), an MIT CoLab Awards winner, is an energy management and technology company. energyX provides channel partners (utilities, energy retailers, energy service providers) with tools to lower the energy consumption of residential and commercial customers through a low-cost autonomous energy audit tool- My EnergyXpert. Our unique online digital energy scan provides home and business owners and tenants with immediate results at a fraction of the cost of conventional engineering audits.

For more information:

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation

Janet Taylor
CDM Manager, OPUCN
Tel: 905 723 4626 x 5249
E-mail: jtaylor@opuc.on.ca

Nishaant Sangaavi
CEO, energy
Tel: 647-889-7639
E-mail: nishaant@energyxsolutions.com

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