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Ontario utilities welcome electricity cost relief for their consumers

March 3, 2017

The EDA welcomes today's (3/2) announcement of changes that the provincial government intends to make which will see a further 17 per cent reduction in electricity prices for Ontario homes and businesses in addition to the eight per cent HST rebate previously announced.

"As local utilities, we see first-hand the hardships that our customers experience as they try to make ends meet," said Todd Wilcox, Chair of the Electricity Distributors Association, which represents most of Ontario's utility companies. "We were pleased to see that the provincial government heard our call and adopted several of our recommendations - specifically to free electricity customers from carrying the burden of social programs, such as the Ontario Electricity Support Program and the Rural or Remote Rate Protection program, on their electricity bill, and moving these costs to the tax base."

The EDA has also been a proponent of a more rationalized approach to the Global Adjustment as a means of managing charges to the electricity bill and is encouraged by the government's intent for the OEB to review regulatory requirements to reduce "red tape" and eliminate unnecessary costs on LDCs.

Local utilities are not immune to the plight of their customers and have worked hard to control their part of the bill and deliver programs that help customers; most recently they moved fast to implement the eight per cent rebate to enable monies to return to consumer pockets as quickly as possible.

"The EDA believes that the measures announced today (3/2) by the government, together with LDC-delivered conservation programs, are a step in the right direction and should be applied equitably across the province," says Teresa Sarkesian, President and CEO of the Association. "We encourage the government to continue working collaboratively with utilities to find additional efficiencies that benefit all customers."

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