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Northern Powergrid Reaches Out to Millions of Customers

March 3, 2017

The region's electricity distributor, Northern Powergrid, has spread its Don't be left in the Dark' message more than 7 million times, helping to increase customers understanding about who powers their community and how to get help if they ever have power cut.  

The company, which is responsible for the electricity network which keeps the lights on and the kettles boiling for 8 million customers across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, took to the airwaves, social media and digital advertising on local newspaper websites to share advice on what to do in a power cut and how to get help and support if the lights go out.

The campaign, which was heard more than 3.8 million times by radio listeners and seen nearly 3.5 million times online, also encouraged customers who may be disabled, elderly, medically dependant on electricity or have young children to find out more about the extra support Northern Powergrid can offer through its free Priority Services Register. A key part of the four-month campaign included informing people how the electricity distributor powers their everyday life and local communities and invests in the region's electricity network whilst also raising awareness of 105 - the new, free power cut number.

Siobhan Barton, Northern Powergrid's Head of Stakeholder and Customer Engagement, said: "Safely keeping the power flowing is our top priority and we invest around £1 million every day to do this. As a result a power cut is a rare occurrence for most of our customers, which it great news, but it also means many people don't know who to contact, and incorrectly turn to the company they buy their electricity from instead of us.

 "This campaign was about reaching out to our customers to make sure they know who we are, what we do and how to contact us. We want people to know that our team, which include engineers, linesmen, rapids, dispatchers and customer advisors, is here for them come rain or shine, 365 days a year.  We're always working hard to keep their power flowing - and if there's a power cut we'll get the lights back on as soon as possible and provide advice and support so our customers are always informed."

Customers with a disability, medical condition or very young families, who may need extra support during a power cut may wish to sign up to Northern Powergrid's Priority Services Register online at northernpowergrid.com or by calling 0800 169 2996.

People who join Northern Powergrid's register will be kept updated as a priority and in some cases, the electricity distributor offers practical support such as sending one of its Customer Support Vehicles or organises alternative accommodation if they are part of a more complicated power cut that may take longer to repair. 

Power cut advice and tips include:

  • bookmark Northern Powergrid's online power cut map service on your mobile devices - www.northernpowergrid.com/power-cuts 
  • have a charged mobile phone with important numbers, including 105 the new, free national power cut phone line, easily accessible.
  • turn off electrical appliances at the socket (this is particularly important for heating or cooking appliances as your power could be restored at any time and potentially cause a safety hazard)
  • keep one light switched on so you know when power is restored
  • keep a battery or wind-up torch handy - they're much safer than candles
  • check on your elderly or sick neighbours and relatives
  • ensure you have warm clothing and blankets handy if weather cold and some food and drink in your home that does not need electricity to heat or prepare it
  • only call 999 in an emergency.  

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