LSIS Targets the Japanese Market Through “Three Musketeers of Smart Energy ”

March 6, 2017

Showcasing the "Three Musketeers" of smart energy, such as Energy Storage System (ESS), Energy Management System (EMS), and Direct Current (DC) electrical devices, LSIS began targeting the Japanese smart electricity market after boosting its growth through the "liberalization of electricity sales."
LSIS participated in the "Int'l Smart Grid Expo 2017" of the World Smart Energy Week (WSEW), which was held at "Big Sight," the international exhibition hall in Tokyo, Japan, last 1st ~ 3rd, showcasing its photovoltaic power solution as its major local project as well as total solutions for smart energy such as ESS, EMS, and DC electrical devices, which can be linked with the solar product.
The 2017 WSEW event was participated in by around 1,500 global electricity, energy, and generation businesses. An Expo was held not only on smart grid but also on photovoltaics (PV), Eco House, and international hydrogen and fuel battery, boasting of the biggest scale.
At the 129.6 (14.4 booths) exhibition space, LSIS prepared the smart generation solution, solution for the optimal management of smart energy, and smart DC solution zones and showcased its core solutions for expanding the Japanese smart energy market, such as aquatic photovoltaic power module, new products on DC electrical devices, ESS, and EMS.
The "smart generation solution" zone, which was placed in front of the exhibition hall, introduced photovoltaic power solutions specialized by market, such as for water, for industrial use, and for high efficiency, as well as major project reference and solutions offered at the local renewable energy generation market such as the 40MW Mito photovoltaic power plant completed last 2015 and project for constructing the "28MW Hokkaido Chitose photovoltaic power plant*," which is to be completed in the latter half of this year. LSIS also actively promoted its Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) capabilities in this area.
The "solution for the optimal management of smart energy" zone introduced technologies customized to individual consumer charge using EMS***, such as Factory EMS (FEMS) and 1MW high-capacity ESS.
Notably, LSIS FEMS analyzes and provides real-time energy usage information using sensors installed at electrical facilities and production facilities at the Cheongju business site to encourage efficient use of electricity, saving electricity cost and preventing accidents in a preemptive manner by checking for overload and providing alarms for replacing malfunctioning and outworn parts; thus fulfilling both economic feasibility and safety.
The "smart DC solution" zone showcased DC-based smart grid technology that can be linked with renewable energy, such as high voltage direct current power transmission (HVDC), DC electrical system solution,** Ring Main Unit (RMU), and smart management solution, or those that can be operated independently.
 "At SG Expo, we showcased a lot of core solutions that can easily show our competitiveness in the energy convergence project, which is being developed as future engines for growth by global corporations. The customized solutions for the Japanese market will serve as good opportunities for promoting our leading capabilities in smart energy technology to overseas customers," an official of LSIS said.

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*Project for constructing the Chitose photovoltaic power plant
LSIS is in charge of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) as well as operation and management (O&M) of the "Chitose photovoltaic power plant," which is being constructed in New Chitose, Hokkaido and is to be completed by the latter half of this year. It is Hokkaido's largest photovoltaic power plant with capacity of 28MW and is equipped with Power Control System (PCS) 17MW and 13.77MWh-battery ESS. The electricity produced is to be provided at 40 yen per kWh for the next 20 years by signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Hokkaido Electric Power.
**LSIS DC electrical system solution
LSIS launched its new products, DC 1500V Module Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) and DC 1000V Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), and plans to expand its Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) electrical device market, which is being led by some global corporations. Notably, LSIS is using its MCCB for photovoltaic use in order to target actively the electrical device market for the global photovoltaic area, which is showing a sharp increase due to expanded investments in renewable energy. MCCB for photovoltaic is seeing an increased demand using the increased transmission capacity compared to previous devices while reducing electric power loss; thus maximizing generation efficiency.
Solution that provides integrated management of photovoltaic generation for consumers from business sites equipped with the photovoltaic generation solution possessed by the company, ESS, and smart meter as well as ESS charge capacity, total energy consumption, and energy information on individual electronic and electrical devices.

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