California Independent System Operator
California ISO Board approves annual transmission plan
Board also approves designation of two Calpine plants needed for reliability

March 17, 2017

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) Board of Governors approved the ISO's 2016-2017 Transmission Plan, an annual assessment of grid needs and infrastructure improvement recommendations needed to meet California's energy goals while maintaining grid reliability over the next decade.

The transmission plan's key findings include:

  • no new transmission projects are needed to meet the State's 33-percent-by-2020 Renewables Portfolio Standard;
  • no new economic transmission projects were identified as needed; and
  • two transmission projects, at an estimated total cost of $24 million, were recommended to meet federal grid reliability standards.

In a separate item, the Board approved the designation of two power plants, which were at risk of retirement, as reliability must-run resources needed to support grid reliability. After the generator owner, Calpine Corporation, indicated its intention to retire four "peaker" generation plants, the ISO studied the impact of retiring the plants and found that two of them, Yuba City Energy Center and Feather River Energy Center (each 47 megawatt capacity), are needed to support continued reliable operation of the grid. The designation means that ISO management has the authority to negotiate and execute a reliability must-run contract. The ISO will review annual resource adequacy showings prior to concluding and finalizing any reliability must-run contract. Under a reliability must-run contract, the ISO is able to call upon the units to generate electricity and provide ancillary services when needed for reliability.

To view the ISO Board meeting documents on these items and others, click here.

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