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General Atomics on Future of Accident Tolerant Fuels and Advanced Reactors

April 6, 2017

Dr. Jeffrey Quintenz, Senior Vice President of General Atomics' (GA) Energy Group, released the following statement regarding the recent bankruptcy filing by Westinghouse. GA is working with Westinghouse in the development of Accident Tolerant Fuels:  

"While we're disappointed to hear of Westinghouse's need to seek bankruptcy protection, General Atomics remains fully committed to our work with the Department of Energy on Accident Tolerant Fuels. Not only will advancements in nuclear fuel technology play a vital role in next-generation reactors, but these technologies will also improve the cost and safety of America's existing reactor fleet, which provides nearly 20% of our nation's electricity supply. 

"This development, however, further underscores the need to address the cost issues that cloud the industry's future. The U.S. must address concerns about proliferation, safety and waste, but without addressing cost, the rest will not matter.

"GA looks forward to continuing our work with the Administration and leaders on Capitol Hill to ensure our nation remains a leader in nuclear energy."

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General Atomics (GA) has been at the cutting edge of global high-technology innovation for more than 60 years. GA's world-renowned scientists perform research and development in critical fields such as nuclear energy, aerospace, medical diagnostics, advanced materials, and electromagnetics. GA leverages this groundbreaking research for both government and private industry, delivering innovative, practical solutions ranging from next-generation nuclear reactors and nuclear materials to remotely operated aircraft, and electromagnetic systems.

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