Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC Proposes $7,000 Fine Against Puerto Rico Firm for Failing to Perform Decommissioning Activities

April 10, 2017

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing a $7,000 civil penalty against a Puerto Rico firm for failing to properly secure licensed nuclear materials and for not performing decommissioning activities within the required timeframes.

Somascan Inc., which is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, previously provided diagnostic medical treatments to patients using radiopharmaceuticals and scanning devices containing sealed nuclear sources.

Based on inspections conducted at the company's facility, the NRC has identified a violation with three elements: (1) Somascan's failure to secure from unauthorized removal or access NRC-licensed nuclear materials stored in uncontrolled areas; (2) the company's failure to notify the NRC in writing within 60 days of the expiration of its license and to either begin decommissioning or submit a decommissioning plan within one year of notifying the agency; and (3) the firm's failure to complete decommissioning of a facility covered by the NRC license no later than two years after the expiration of the license.

As a result, the NRC is proposing a Severity Level III violation and a $7,000 fine for Somascan.

"This enforcement action is necessary to ensure that the company adheres to its obligation to decommission the affected facility and to transfer or dispose of licensed nuclear material in its possession," said NRC Region I Administrator Dan Dorman.

The site does not currently pose a safety concern for the public because the NRC-licensed material contained in the facility is in the form of a sealed source.

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