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SSEN launches local campaign to help vulnerable residents in a power cut

April 13, 2017

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is trialling a scheme to raise awareness on how it can help its most vulnerable customers in the event of a power cut.

The electricity networks operator for Oxfordshire has launched an advertising campaign with local pharmacies to highlight the free support available to those who might need additional help if their power goes off.

Pharmacies across the region are handing out SSEN branded leaflets and prescription bags that feature the company's Priority Services Register and detail how customers can sign up to the service.

SSEN's Priority Services Register is aimed at those who are dependent on electricity for home medical care, have a chronic illness or disability, have children under the age of five at home, have special communication needs, receive a state pension, or have a temporarily condition that would make them vulnerable and less able to cope in a power cut.

John Penicud, Head of Customer Operations for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks is responsible for the Oxfordshire trial campaign. He said: "We recognise that, for some, a power cut can be particularly difficult and distressing. By using these pharmacy bags to promote the Priority Services Register, we hope to target some pockets of vulnerability and reach customers across Oxfordshire who may not previously have been aware of the extra help we can provide. The extra support we offer is free and I'd encourage any of our customers to take the time to look at the service, to see if they could benefit from it."

One of the pharmacies taking part in the trail is the Westlake Pharmacy in Kidlington. Huda Budraa is the manager there and said: "We've been delighted to hand the leaflets and the pharmacy bags out, knowing that we're flagging up a service that can benefit our customers. People can become vulnerable very quickly, due to a simple change in circumstance and this is a free service that can help across all different areas, and in the long and short term."

Customers can join the Priority Services Register or find out more by calling 0800 294 3259 or visiting www.ssen.co.uk/priorityservices.

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