Former GE Executive Director Joins High-Growth Combustion Turbine Technology Company

May 4, 2017

Dr. Mark Little, General Electric's former chief technology officer and leader of GE Global Research, has joined the board of directors of Powerphase, maker of patented upgrades that improve the fuel efficiency and output of combustion turbines. Dr. Little accompanies Bob McGrath, former EVP Nextera Energy, as the second independent director appointed to the Powerphase board of Directors. During his tenure at GE, Dr. Little led one of the world's largest and most diversified industrial research and technology organizations in the world that developed core technologies to help GE succeed in all of its core businesses, including energy, oil & gas and aviation. During his 37 year tenure at GE, he also served as Vice President of GE Energy power-generation, and several engineering and management positions in their turbine business, as well as in business development in their energy sector.

Powerphase was started in 2012 by Bob Kraft who previously founded PSM, a combustion turbine parts manufacturer that was sold to Alstom in 2007 for $241 Million. "Dr. Little brings a tremendous global strategic market and technical background to Powerphase which will help us continue to expand our reach to customers around the world," said Kraft. To that end, Powerphase recently announced the signing of an MoU to bring 2 GW of additional power to Indonesia. Powerphase has more than 100 patents pending globally around its dry-air injection technology for combustion turbines, called Turbophase®.

"The Turbophase® dry air injection system offers customers a host of valuable benefits safely and quickly with just air," said Dr. Little. "By generating hot-compressed air more efficiently than the turbine itself, the Turbophase system improves the efficiency of the combustion turbine. At the same time, Turbophase® offers tremendous power and generation flexibility at speeds that support grid efficiency improvements and renewable integration and can be offered at attractive terms to the customer." Dr. Little continued, "I am excited to join the Powerphase board and bring my global experience to bear on this innovative company to help the Company accelerate globally with its heavily patent protected existing and new insurgent technology offerings."

About Powerphase

Powerphase is a global leader in combustion turbine technologies with more than 100 patents pending globally. By focusing on combustion turbine air efficiency, Powerphase has been able to unlock previously untapped potential from combustion turbine power plants, cost-effectively improving output, fuel efficiency, flexibility and performance. Powerphase is based in the United States of America with global headquarters in Jupiter, Florida USA which is the sailfish capital of the world, and regional offices in Denver, Colorado, USA and Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.


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