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By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
Besides providing a good reason to regularly reflect on the state of the industry, writing this column provides a way for me to also give something back by talking candidly about some of the things that might otherwise be left unsaid.
By Guerry Waters, Vice President, Industry Strategy and Marketing
Advanced metering is capturing attention at utilities around the globe. Initially, industry analysts saw it as a way to restrain environmental damage from electricity consumption. Now, it’s helping to break down utility departmental barriers and facilitate cross-organizational business processes.
By Michael A. Marullo, Automation/IT Editor
Bob Gilligan is a 17-year veteran of one of the largest and most successful industrial enterprises in the world. Bob runs GE Energy’s T&D business – a significant component of the $19 billion GE Energy business that is by itself, several times the size of all but a few of its industry counterparts.
By Jeff Evans, consultant and project manager, Enspiria Solutions, Inc.
An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system is comprised of a large volume of assets which include meters, modules, network communications infrastructure, and may also include remote disconnect/reconnect switches and demand response/load management (DR) system components (in-home displays, programmable/controllable thermostats, load control devices).
By Michael Madrazo, founder and President of Detectent
Using Automated Meter Reading (AMR) tamper information to identify high-quality theft cases was a strategy that never really materialized. Why? Because the valid information was lost in a mountain of distracting and bogus data.
By Amanda Kelly
Alaska Power & Telephone Company (AP&T), which started in Skagway, Alaska in 1957, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as an employee-owned company.
By Will McNamara, Principal Consultant at KEMA
Timely availability, reliability, and longevity of appropriate quality materials and supplies are critical to the well being of any AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) or Smart Grid project.

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