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Special Poster Session for Students, Best Student Paper Award.
Accepted final contributions will be included in the conference proceedings and papers will be published in the online CIGRÉ library, provided the contributions are fully registered by at least one author and presented in person at the conference. See the web site for the submission instructions.

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Call for Papers

Deadline Extended until Friday, February 21st, 11:59PM ET

2014 CIGRÉ Canada Conference

International Center – Toronto, ON • September 22–24, 2014 •

“Innovation and the Evolving Grid”

At the 9th annual CIGRE Canada Conference on Power Systems, the theme is Innovation and The Evolving Grid.

Electric utilities with transmission and distribution systems face tough challenges: planning, connecting and operating systems with radically different generation, including large solar and wind generation, and more power electronics-controlled loads. Concurrently, utilities must ensure reliability and adequate power quality, reduce carbon emissions, minimize visibility of new builds, improve customer service, moderate electricity rates, manage aging infrastructure, and address climate changes and extreme weather concerns. At this conference, deepen your understanding of these utility issues, the solutions, approaches, methods, and tools which have worked successfully, and seek answers to specific emerging issues at your utility.

Join us in Toronto, Canada from September 22 – 24, 2014, as business leaders, system planners and operators, asset managers, engineers, manufacturers, scientists, policy makers, regulators, academics and students come together to exchange information, network, and discuss these critical issues and the future of the power system.


Topics of special interest:

Technology applied to:

  • System planning and operating relative to the evolving grid, including modeling and simulation tools
  • Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) – approaches to dealing with expectations surrounding new builds
  • Approaches used in obtaining approvals
  • Aging infrastructure and its sustainment
  • Integration of renewable generators on the transmission and distribution systems
  • Power quality, including harmonics and voltage fluctuations
  • Smart grid and grid modernization, including automation and storage technology;
  • Electric vehicles and the associated power system impacts and opportunities (vehicle to grid (V2G) and grid to vehicle (G2V))


  • Getting more out of the transmission system, and finding capacity on the transmission system
  • Advances in providing good customer service
  • Accountability for Transmission in a deregulated industry; increased competition in transmission development
  • Inertia and the stability of the Transmission system
  • HVDC Development
  • DC application at the customer level
  • Extreme weather impacts
  • Data and information management relative to Transmission and Distribution
  • Real-time monitoring and control including related Telecommunications
  • CONTRIBUTED PAPERS falling within the conference theme are invited. Authors should submit a 500-word abstract. Upon abstract acceptance, a 6-8 pages paper in CIGRÉ format must be submitted for the final contributions.

To submit a contribution, visit

Important dates:

Extended to:
Friday, February 21, 2014:  
Abstracts Due
(submitted via website)

Monday, April 14, 2014:
Registration Opens

Friday, June 27, 2014:
Final papers are due

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